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Hi, my name is Dave Lockwood , and I’ll teach you how to play rock, blues, jazz or fingerstyle guitar in my guitar lesson studio in Duluth, as well as live Skype video lessons.  Find out more about lessons here, and how they will help you start playing guitar, or help you improve your playing.






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You can learn  rock, blues, jazz or fingerstyle  guitar with a Berklee trained, award winning teacher (that’s me) in Duluth , GA and the surrounding areas (Johns Creek, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Norcross, etc) as well as live video Skype guitar lessons.  Want more details? Click here



Feeling confused about where to start with your guitar playing?  I can eliminate your confusion and give you a clear path to feeling confident about your guitar playing, in whatever style you prefer.  My studio is conveniently located in Duluth, about 2.5 miles from the Buford Hwy/120 intersection.


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kid playing guitar         Eddy



Dave is awesome at teaching my 10 year old daughter guitar. He is very knowledgeable, skilled and just a pleasure to work with. He customizes the lesson to her so the lessons are interesting and exciting without overwhelming her. I highly recommend him.
Renee M.




I have worked with many students who “used to play”, and would like nothing more than to return to the guitar and be better than ever.  I’ll teach you only what you need to know, to make your learning as smooth as silk.  I can help you learn rock, blues, jazz or fingerstyle guitar at your pace, and the way you learn best. What do you want to learn?


My time learning guitar with Dave was phenomenal from the very beginning. Dave has an expert yet easygoing demeanor, which makes it very easy to get into practicing…

Harris G.




For intermediate/advanced level players, there’s a whole new set of skills to learn to get you to the next level.  Whether it’s songwriting, improv/jamming, or both, I’ll guide and support you along your path.  I can teach you rock, blues, jazz, fingerstyle guitar according to your learning style.  What do you want to learn?


“I’ve worked with Dave for about 8 months and I and am very happy with my progress. We started by filling in the (large) gaps in my music theory, with him giving me exercises, ideas, and tips to make playing much more enjoyable. He has identified key elements that have improved my playing style and we work on these regularly. As well as being very patient with me, he is fun to work with and fosters a productive but stress free environment.”

Tim B



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