Advanced Guitar Lessons

As an advancing player, there are many things to work on to become a well rounded musician – improvisation, music theory, technique, songwriting/composition.  I’ve been down these roads many times before – for myself, as well as my students.

Do you struggle with moving from playing scales up and down to making musical sense?


In a word, the answer is phrasing. To break it down further, the solution to that problem is in 2 categories: studying the work of great guitar players, and developing the technique to execute any idea you might come up with. By studying great players, you’ll develop a deep vocabulary of your own, in any style you choose.

I have been a student of Dave’s for 7 years now and it is remarkable how both my playing ability and knowledge of the guitar have improved. His complete understanding of the instrument is amazing and his ability to explain this in a clear and logical manner has been a huge benefit to me. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to improve both their playing and understanding of the guitar.

Joe B.

Do you feel like you don’t have a strategy for refining your technique like you think you should?


One of the most important things I teach to all levels of players is the correct way to practice. You’ll learn the mindset and discipline required to take your playing to the next level. Identify the problem, develop an exercise to address the problem, execute your action plan, and keep track of your progress!

Would you like to write your own music, but don’t feel like you know enough to get started?


In many cases, students may have all the tools to write their own music – except for the correct mindset (that’s the second time I’ve mentioned mindset – hint). Through the correct mindset, you’ll learn ways to get your creativity kick started, as well as increase your knowledge base to advance your craft.

Are you looking to bring your chord knowledge to the next level?



There are no “cookie cutter” lessons here – boring! Every student has different interests and abilities. I design each lesson to meet a larger goal, based on each student’s input.

I’ve worked with Dave for about 8 months and I and am very happy with my progress. We started by filling in the (large) gaps in my music theory, with him giving me exercises, ideas, and tips to make playing much more enjoyable. He has identified key elements that have improved my playing style and we work on these regularly. As well as being very patient with me, he is fun to work with and fosters a productive but stress free environment.

Tim B

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