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Are you looking for a guitar teacher in Suwanee?

Hi, my name is Dave Lockwood , and I teach rock, blues, jazz and fingerstyle guitar lessons in the Suwanee, GA area as well as live Skype guitar lessons.

Find out more about lessons here, and how they will help you start playing guitar, or help you improve your playing.

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  • Do you want to play guitar, but don’t know where to begin?

  • Have you tried learning from YouTube videos/tabs with frustrating, limited results?

  • Have you plateaued because you can’t play the right scales/chords anywhere on the fretboard?

  • Are you an adult that is returning to the guitar, and would like to be better than ever?

  • Would you like to study guitar with a guitar teacher that uses a proven system?


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Feeling confused about where to start with your guitar playing? For beginners, there are so many resources on the internet that it’s actually more confusing than helpful.  I can eliminate your confusion and give you a clear path to feeling confident about your guitar goals.


I have worked with many students who “used to play”, and would like nothing more than to return to the guitar and be better than Ever.  I’ll teach you only what you need to know, to make your learning as smooth as silk.

I can help you learn rock, blues, jazz or fingerstyle guitar at your pace, and the way you learn best.  What do you want to learn?


For intermediate/advanced level players, there’s a whole new set of skills to learn to get you to the next level.
Whether it’s songwriting, improv/jamming, or both, I’ll guide and support you along your path.
I can teach you rock, blues, jazz, fingerstyle guitar according to your learning style.  What do you want to learn?

Contact me now to book a lesson with me and get started on your guitar goals!