Advanced Guitar Lessons

“I have been a student of Dave’s for 2 years now and it is remarkable how both my playing ability and knowledge of the guitar have improved. His complete understanding of the instrument is amazing and his ability to explain this in a clear and logical manner has been a huge benefit to me. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to improve both their playing and understanding of the guitar.”

Joe B.”

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Have you tried learning on your own with less than stellar results?


Whatever your chosen style is, it all comes down to mastering music fundamentals on the guitar.  When you work with me, you will be given a detailed plan to master your guitar, and to be able to express yourself the way you were meant to.  We’ll split our time between studying inspiring music, and training yourself on the fundamentals needed to play that music

“When I came to Dave Lockwood for guitar lessons, I was struggling in kind of a self-taught rut. I could play chords for a lot of songs, but I didn’t know the theory or anything you would call “advanced”. Dave’s methods show you how to understand the fretboard and why certain notes and chords go together. He is really helping me become a complete player.
Mostly though, Dave is a very patient teacher. He doesn’t mind going over the same material with you until you understand it and he’ll take different approaches until you get it. I really appreciate this about his teaching methods.”

Dan D.



Contact me now to book a lesson with me and get started on your guitar goals!

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Contact me now to book a lesson with me and get started on your guitar goals!

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