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I use everything you see on this page when people take guitar lessons in Duluth with me. Help yourself to free guitar lessons!


Beginner guitar lessons

On this free guitar lesson page, I’ll have all sorts of essential and fun information for all the beginning guitar players out there.  Right now, I have information on playing chords, playing blues guitar, great rock songs for beginners, tuning your guitar, essential exercises to get your hands in guitar shape.

Intermediate guitar lessons

For those players out there with a bit more experience, I have even more useful stuff.  I have several videos that will help you unlock the fretboard, covering topics such as finding guitar notes up and down each string, as well as some tricks to learn notes across the strings.  I also have a video that explains how to find the same note on different strings.  This is one of the things that makes the guitar complicated, the fact that one note is found on up to five different locations on the guitar.   There is also a video on the “CAGED” system, which will help lay out the fretboard for you in any key.   If you’re serious about the guitar, don’t miss this information.

Advanced guitar lessons

On this page, I’ll have free guitar lessons on advanced guitar topics such as chord-scale soloing theory, chord progression theory, advanced technique.  I’ll also cover specific guitar players, and the concepts that they use in their playing.

General guitar resources

This page is for every level of player.  I have blank guitar diagrams for tabs and chords, music theory quizzes, well designed chord and scale sheets for you to print out and study.  Whatever I come across that I think will help you in your studies, I will put here.   If you have any suggestions, let me know!


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