I have been a student of Dave’s for 7 years now and it is remarkable how both my playing ability and knowledge of the guitar have improved. His complete understanding of the instrument is amazing and his ability to explain this in a clear and logical manner has been a huge benefit to me.  I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to improve both their playing and understanding of the guitar.

Joe B

Dave is awesome at teaching my 10 year old daughter guitar. He is very knowledgeable, skilled and just a pleasure to work with. He customizes the lesson to her so the lessons are interesting and exciting without overwhelming her. I highly recommend him.

Renee M.

When I came to Dave Lockwood for guitar lessons, I was struggling in kind of a self-taught rut. I could play chords for a lot of songs, but I didn’t know the theory or anything you would call “advanced”. Dave’s methods show you how to understand the fretboard and why certain notes and chords go together. He is really helping me become a complete player.

Mostly though, Dave is a very patient teacher. He doesn’t mind going over the same material with you until you understand it and he’ll take different approaches until you get it. I really appreciate this about his teaching methods.

Dan D

Dave has been teaching us for nine months on a weekly basis! Us includes my oldest son (33) and my son in law (31) and me (61). We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience and plan to continue indefinitely. We are all improving-the youthful more so than me! Dave challenges us but is patient.   Great guy with a passion for the guitar and a gift to teach.

Mike E

Dave is an outstanding guitar teacher. My boy has been taking lessons from Dave for a few years. Under Dave’s guidance, he is becoming quite a guitar player.  I really enjoy listening to my boy practice his guitar every evening.  I highly recommend Dave!

Samson T

Dave is a great guitar teacher for my son. He is patient, teaches songs that are of interest to the child, and is flexible. But most importantly, he knows how to teach kids how to play the guitar!

Shelly D.

Dave is extremely patient, and keeps the lessons diverse. Highly recommended.

Tim J

I have been studying guitar with Dave Lockwood for the past three years. As a middle age man for whom playing guitar was a leisure activity my original interest was simply to expand my play list of favorite songs and improve my technique.

Dave not only helped me to achieve my original goals but also expanded my interest into new genres including blues, jazz and country. Using a variety of instructional techniques, Dave also helped me to develop a basic understanding of music theory that grew into a desire to learn more.

During my time with Dave my technique has improved dramatically, and my desire to learn and to experiment has grown substantially. Dave exhibits a teaching style that is creative and effective and encourages the student to grow their desire to learn, and their comfort level with various musical styles.

Dave is very professional in his approach to the student and encourages exploration beyond the student’s immediate comfort levels. His love and enthusiasm for music shines through in every lesson, and his personal expertise with his instrument is impressive.

Dave also lives what he teaches by continually expanding his own horizons with classes and studies in advanced musical genres.

I enjoy my time studying with Dave immensely and would highly recommend his methods to students of any level.

Jim K.

We were able to experience Dave as a teacher for both my teenage daughter who came to him with several years of acoustic guitar study under her belt, and my son who was younger and new to electric guitar.

In each case Dave was a most capable teacher who expanded their understanding of theory and the fretboard, while teaching them to play diverse styles well, including songs they chose and wanted to learn. The lessons were really enjoyable. I highly and unreservedly recommend Dave Lockwood as a patient teacher for students of all ages. He’s great!

Shari N.

Dave is an incredible teacher who also instills in his students a great love of music and the guitar! Two of my sons have taken lessons with Dave for several years. Though each of my boys are very different from each other, Dave is able to teach each one in a way that applies specifically to the way they learn.

My sons have both grown significantly in their musical abilities under Dave’s instruction. One is now a part of a worship band. The other in now in college and regularly plays both for his own benefit and for others.

Our family highly recommends Dave!

Julie H

I’ve worked with Dave for about 8 months and I and am very happy with my progress. We started by filling in the (large) gaps in my music theory, with him giving me exercises, ideas, and tips to make playing much more enjoyable. He has identified key elements that have improved my playing style and we work on these regularly. As well as being very patient with me, he is fun to work with and fosters a productive but stress free environment

Tim B

Dave was recommended to us by a friend and our daughter has been studying the guitar with Dave for over a year now and is his biggest fan. At 8 yrs old she is already able to read some music and enjoys playing along to several of her favorite songs from the radio. Dave is a natural at keeping the right balance between making it fun and learning

Mark P

Dave has a good balance for instructing children.  After trying out three other local instructors with mixed results, we found Dave. We plan on sticking with him.  He is extremely punctual, and is good at keeping my son on task.  Easy access in a nice Duluth neighborhood

Kerry M

Dave is a wonderful teacher and my son enjoys working with him. He teaches at the perfect speed and challenges the student. Would recommend him to anyone at any level!!

Leah O

My time learning guitar with Dave was phenomenal from the very beginning. Dave has an expert yet easygoing demeanor, which makes it very easy to get into practicing. He makes sure you always understand the underlying purpose to everything you practice, and makes guitar very accessible, even for a beginner like myself. I’m definitely looking forward to coming back in a few months!

Harris G

Dave is an outstanding teacher. He can take whatever skill you currently have and move you to a higher level. Dave will advise you, or develop anything you would like to develop! He holds a superb knowledge of music, as he is a jazz musician.  Dave can help you on multiple levels of music (technique, ear training, breaking down a song). He is a real asset to the guitar teaching world.

Matt G

Dave is very patient, friendly, professional, and adaptable. His lessons are not cookie cutter, rather his lessons take shape around what you want to learn. At the end of a lesson, I felt as though I had spent time with a friend instead of a teacher. I highly recommend giving Dave a try…

Tom G

I just began my guitar lessons with Dave this last weekend. He is a fantastic teacher. I am so pleased to have found the professional teacher I was looking for. If you want the best, start here, you will not need to look further.

Hal C

Dave loves what he does; he uses teaching method that keeps our son interested and motivated to continue playing guitar and perfecting his technique.

Lena Z

Dave provided my 11 yr old daughter with encouraging, positive & professional instruction; wouldn’t change a thing and would highly recommend him!

Mike K

Mr Lockwood is always well prepared for each lesson. His teaching method is great and introduces concepts gradually making it easy to stay motivated and not feel overwhelmed and confused. He’s a very good classical teacher, and provides very clear connections and contrasts between classical and popular disciplines. For learning jazz look no further, he will teach the very tricky concepts in a way that anybody can grasp.

Ibrahim M.

I’ve been one of Dave’s students for about 2 years now, and he is a great teacher. Dave knows many styles and techniques, and he has the patience of Job when it comes to his lessons. I am fortunate to have him as a teacher.

Kevin M.

David has a great teaching style. He takes the time to find out what your tastes and experience are in music and fashions his lessons from that starting point. I recommend him highly to anyone interested in learning guitar.

Mark S.

I have been taking lessons from Dave since September 2016, and I have enjoyed the experience very much. He has an extremely vast knowledge of music and the guitar in particular, and he has done a great job tailoring the lessons to my specific interests.

Whether you have a child that wants to learn to play guitar, or you’re like me and just want to learn a new, or first, instrument, taking lessons with Dave is a great choice.

Justin H.

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