Beginner guitar lessons



If you learn just a handful of these chords, you can literally play hundreds of songs, so let’s get started!

Beginner chords

Tuning your guitar

Play your guitar chords cleaner

In this video, I’ll cover the 2 main methods for tuning your guitar – using a tuner, and tuning by ear.  Even if you have a tuner, it’s important to know how to tune by ear!


Song based lessons



If you’re looking to rock out with an easy riff, look no further.  Here’s Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir!


Are you looking for beginner guitar lessons on the blues?   Check this out…

Blues in E pt 1

I cover the first 8 measures of the 12 bar blues in this lesson.  You’ll learn the E riff and A riff!

Blues in E pt 2

In this lesson, you’ll learn the last 4 bars of the 12 bar blues.  The B riff, the A riff again (only one time!), and then we’ll close it out with what we call a “turnaround”.  This sounds really cool, and is a lot of fun to play.  It has that classic blues sound that you’ll recognize.  I’ll be posting new blues guitar content here soon, so be sure to sign up for updates.


Music Theory

Music alphabet for guitar


 50 songs – 4 chords

Do you know D, Bm, G and A chords (or C, Am, F and G with a capo on the 2nd fret)? If you do, you can play these 50 songs! .  Not a bad deal.  This video is by Axis of Awesome – thanks guys!

Click here for the video and the complete song list

50 songs – 4 chords


Left hand exercises for the guitar


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