Welcome to my Skype guitar lessons page!

Why would you choose to have guitar lessons with Skype?


People are very busy with their lives, and often find it hard to schedule travel time. Taking Skype guitar lessons is the solution to that problem. You can save time, and learn guitar online with proven methods from the comfort of your home. Also, through Skype (or Google hangouts etc), you have the chance to learn from me anywhere in the world. For these reasons, Skype guitar lessons are the perfect choice for many (budding and experienced) guitar players.

What should I expect in a Skype guitar lesson?

You’ll get the same quality instruction that I pride myself on in studio lessons. Skype also enables us to share screens, so you can see what I’m typing or drawing.

Here’s a few benefits you get out of Skype lessons

  •  Screen share technology so you can see what I’m typing/drawing.
  • Email summary
  • PDF and/or tab.
  • Backing track links/files to practice with. Using backing tracks is a great way to improve your soloing skills.
  • I can also create slowed down versions of songs, or even sections of songs for you to practice with. Being able to practice this way will be invaluable to you
  • Additional email/phone support during the week

Do I need special equipment?

You do not need any special equipment other than a basic laptop with basic webcam.  If you have any doubts, the first 30 minute lesson is free for Skype students, so you’ll find out immediately if it will work for you.

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