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I teach both brand new players and advanced players, specializing in improvisation techniques and theory.
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“Dave really helped me get on track in the fundamentals of theory. He’s great on working with your level of experience and expanding your options on guitar. Very patient and focused on your goals and knowledge. He has been a great guide for me”

Nicole G.

Starting your guitar journey?

Do you know how much fun it will be to play your favorite songs on guitar?

You’ll learn everything you need to play your favorite music. Let’s get started!

“Great instructor! He easily saw my strengths and weaknesses and we have launched into a lesson plan that has yielded immediate improvement in my playing. Top shelf!!!”

Joe B

Intermediate to Advanced students

I specialize in working with players looking to break through to the next level in their playing.

The skills you’ll learn will help you play better, and improve your jamming skills.

Contact me to set up your trial lesson, and we’ll come up with a plan to move you towards your goals.  Now’s the time!

I have been a student of Dave’s for 7 years now and it is remarkable how both my playing ability and knowledge of the guitar have improved. His complete understanding of the instrument is amazing and his ability to explain this in a clear and logical manner has been a huge benefit to me.  I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to improve both their playing and understanding of the guitar Joe B.

Beginner guitar players


Through more than a decade of teaching, I’ve come to realize that almost every beginner guitar player has the same challenges in learning to play the guitar.  As a student here, you’ll learn easy to understand strategies to get through all these road blocks.  You’ll learn the exact things that you need to focus on when practicing, so you can minimize your frustration, and make good use of your practice time.


Are you Ready?

My time learning guitar with Dave was phenomenal from the very beginning. Dave has an expert yet easygoing demeanor, which makes it very easy to get into practicing. He makes sure you always understand the underlying purpose to everything you practice, and makes guitar very accessible, even for a beginner like myself Harris G

Intermediate to advanced players


For you, there’s a whole new set of skills to learn to get you to the next level.  Whether your interests are songwriting, improv/jamming, or both, you’ll receive guidance and support for your path.  Through either in studio or Skype guitar lessons, you can learn rock guitar, blues guitar, jazz guitar or fingerstyle guitar at your pace, and the way you learn best. What do you want to learn?


Are you Ready?

Questions?  Fire away – I’m happy to help!

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