Blank guitar tab and staff paper

Blank guitar tab and staff paper


Do you need:

A way to write down your great song or guitar riff ideas?
A way to write down bass guitar ideas?
A way to write down guitar exercises of your own invention to make you the monster player that you want to be?
A way to communicate with other players in your band?

Look no further…

To save the different blank guitar tabs and staff paper pdfs, click one of the links below.  On the following page, hover your cursor (arrow) near the bottom of the page until the menu of options shows up.

Click the disk icon to save the pdf.  Then, simply print from your printer and you’re good to go!

6 string guitar tab

This sheet is your basic, all purpose guitar tab sheet.  Write out song ideas, riffs, your own transcriptions.  Learning scales, arpeggios and chords?  Don’t by a chord book.  Make your own chord/arpeggio/scale book!  You’ll save money, and learn MUCH more than reading them out of a book.  

Standard notation  

Do you need to write out musical ideas for other instrumentalists?  Learning how to read and write music, while not necessary for certain styles of music, will certainly open up many doors for you, and gain the respect of other players.

7 string guitar tab

Are you shredder with an Ibanez 7 string?  Get your tab here, and write out your shreddiest licks for all to worship.

bass tab and std

Bass tab and standard notation.  Get those grooves down on paper!

Tab and std notation

One of the criticisms of tab is that rhythm either isn’t indicated at all (most tabs), or that it’s awkwardly scribbled below the tab.  This sheet combines both.  Don’t know how to write/read rhythms?  Become musically literate and communicate with other players.  Stay tuned for more information regarding this.


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