New guitar lesson policies as of 1/1/2017

Lesson Policies

As of 1/1/2017, the policies outlined below will be the official policy of Dave Lockwood Guitar Studio.



Lessons are $25/half hour, or $50/hour, and are paid at the beginning of each month.  Please make tuition arrangements ahead of time if you will not be at the first week’s lesson.  Depending on the month, you will be paying for either 4 lessons ($100 for 30 minute lessons, $200 for hour lessons), or 5 lessons ($125 for 30 minute lessons, or $250 for hour lessons).  See “Makeups” below, for exceptions.

Tuition payments are due during the first week of each month.  Please make tuition arrangements ahead of time if you will not be at the first week’s lesson.


Missed Lessons

In the event that you need to miss a lesson, please respect my time and notify me by text or email with as much notice as possible – more than 24 hours when possible.



A maximum of 2 lessons will be made up per calendar quarter (every 3 months).  If I don’t receive notification from you that you will be absent (again, at least 24 hour notice is preferred), the lesson will be considered taught.

IMPORTANT – The 1st of the 2 (maximum) makeup lessons per calendar quarter will happen on the same day/time on the 5th week of whichever month in the quarter has 5 weeks.  In most cases, every day of the week as at least one 5 week month every 3 months.  So, in the case where you need to get a makeup in, you’ll only pay for 4 of the 5 lessons in that month.  If you need a 2nd makeup, I will coordinate our schedules to get it done.  **If you miss a 3rd lesson during the quarter, no makeup will be given.  If you feel you have extenuating circumstances, please let me know, as I can be flexible if it’s warranted.**

Rescheduled lessons

As far as I define it, rescheduled lessons are different than makeups. Rescheduled lessons are scheduled at a different time of the same week, instead of scheduled during a different week down the road.  If it’s a necessity that you miss a lesson, feel free to contact me about scheduling your lesson in a different spot in the same week.  I can’t guarantee a convenient reschedule time for you, but I can certainly see what’s available in my schedule and see if we can work it out.



I do not offer credits for the following month after a missed lesson.  An example of a credit is when you miss a lesson in one month, and get a one lesson discount in the following month to make up for the previously missed lesson.    Instead of offering credits, please refer to my makeup/reschedule policy.   If you over pay one month, I will make an exception and apply the overpayment towards the next month.


Teacher absences

In the event that I am unavailable for a given lesson, the lesson will either be made up or credited.


Discontinuing lessons

Please give me 2 weeks notice upon deciding to discontinue lessons, so I can adjust my schedule accordingly.


If you have any questions about the new policy, please ask.
As always, thank you for your continued support!