Blues guitar lessons

Blues Guitar Lessons in Duluth


Are you a fan of BB King? Buddy Guy? Joe Bonamassa? Otis Rush? Or, do you favor more acoustic players like Robert Johnson or Blind Lemon Jefferson?

When you take blues guitar lessons in Duluth with me, I’ll introduce you the world of blues guitar – a world of deep history and amazing guitar playing.


Are you a blues newbie?

I’ll give you a great foundation to build on, while playing real blues right away.

Have you been playing for awhile?


Do you have a hard time making your playing sound authentic, like your favorite players?


You’ll learn the fine art of phrasing on the guitar at Dave Lockwood Guitar Studio. By learning to combine different simple techniques, your playing will take a leap to the next level!


When you’re playing a song, do you have trouble thinking of what to play next?

You’ll learn how to master your fretboard so you’re never stumped for the next thing to do in any situation.


Have you gotten together with other players before, and are stumped when asked what song to play?

You’ll learn the most important blues songs to master, so you can go anywhere where there’s blues being played, and fit right in!


Are you frustrated because you can’t play songs like the recording?

You’ll learn note for note versions of any of your favorite players. Trust me, it’s a great feeling!


Are you lost when the song isn’t in the key of E or A?

You’ll learn how to take the patterns you know and move them to another key.  It’s easy to do once you know how!

As a student at Dave Lockwood Guitar Studio, you’ll learn these things and many more.



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