Fingerstyle guitar lessons

James Taylor, learning songs by ear

Whether you want to know what it feels like to play the music of the masters of the classical guitar (Fernando Sor, Sylvius Leopold Weiss, JS Bach lute suites, and many more), or maybe the down home fingerpicking of the masters of blues or ragtime guitar (Robert Johnson, Mississippii John Hurt, etc), I’ve got you covered when you take fingerstyle guitar lessons with me.


Are you a beginning fingerpicker?

I’ll start you off with very simple exercises to get your hands confidently moving in the right direction. Then, before you know it, you’ll be playing real music, using real songs.

Regardless of style, every guitar player should know how to fingerpick.  It will open up whole new worlds for you on the guitar!  The guitar is capable of so much more than most people think.  As the great Andres Segovia once said, “The guitar is a small orchestra…”.  The best way to access that “small orchestra” is to learn to finger pick.

Chet Atkins, learning songs by ear


Have you been playing for awhile, but you’ve gotten stuck in your

Sometimes all it takes is a new exercise, a new idea, or a new song to work on to get you moving in a new, positive direction. I have many years experience discovering just what my students need!


Are you a solid fingerstyle player, but you struggle with coming up with your own arrangements?

Now we’re talking! I’ll expand your knowledge of chord forms by teaching you how to create your own chordal vocabulary for fingerstyle arrangements.

I’ll also teach you how to change a song by using simple music theory to make it your own. The guitar is capable of so much, let’s explore it together!

Flamenco guitar


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