Jazz guitar lessons

When you take jazz guitar lessons in Duluth with me, I’ll teach you to develop and refine the language of jazz guitar, so you can develop your own signature style.


Are you just getting interested in jazz guitar?

At Dave Lockwood Guitar Studio, you’ll benefit from a solid foundation in jazz guitar skills to build on.


Are you further along in your jazz guitar journey?


Do you struggle with knowing enough chords to make your playing sound more interesting?

You’ll learn how to master your fretboard so you’re never at a loss for what chord voicing to play next.  You’ll also learn to develop your own chords to use!


Do you know some “jazz scales”, but don’t have any idea what to do with them?

When you learn to master your fretboard in your lessons, the whole guitar neck will open up for you, and you’ll always know your next move.  Scales by themselves won’t make you into a jazz guitar master.  I’ll help you learn jazz vocabulary from the masters, so you can speak the language.


Do you have a hard time making your playing sound like your favorite players?

In your jazz guitar lessons, you’ll learn how to break down any line (single    note idea), understand it, and put it in your own playing!

When you study jazz guitar at Dave Lockwood Guitar Studio, you’ll learn the solutions to these problems (that EVERY player faces), and many more.


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