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“I have been a student of Dave’s for 2 years now and it is remarkable how both my playing ability and knowledge of the guitar have improved. His complete understanding of the instrument is amazing and his ability to explain this in a clear and logical manner has been a huge benefit to me.  I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to improve both their playing and understanding of the guitar.

Joe B

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When you learn rock guitar at Dave Lockwood Guitar Studios, you’ll learn all the techniques that your favorite players use.

Are you a fan of rockers like Eric Clapton? Jeff Beck? Hard rock/metal players like Randy Rhoads? Steve Vai? Joe Satriani? Jimmy Page?

Or maybe you’re more into songwriters like the Beatles (or many others).
Whatever your interests, you’ll find the path to where you want to go at Dave Lockwood Guitar Studios.

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Are you a rock guitar beginner?

I’ll give you a great foundation to build on, while playing real rock songs right away.

Are you experienced?  (points if you get my Hendrix pun!)

Do you have a hard time making your playing feel authentic, like your favorite players?

You’ll learn the fine art of “phrasing” on the guitar at Dave Lockwood Guitar Studio. By learning to combine different simple techniques, your playing will take a leap to the next level.  Whatever style you play, knowing how to phrase is essential!  

Have you struggled to play songs cleanly and efficiently?

You’ll learn the *right* way to practice, so you don’t waste your time.  It’s much  better to practice with focus for 30 minutes than to waste your time for an hour (or more)!  Practicing smart will lead to you feeling much better about your playing.

Have you tried bending a note and it’s always out of tune?

I’ll show you exactly how to practice every type of bend so they’re in tune. You’ll feel much better about your playing once you master this technique!

When you’re playing a song, do you have trouble thinking of what to play next?

You’ll learn how to master your fretboard so you’re never stumped for the next note to play in any situation.

Have you gotten together with other players before, and are stumped when asked what song to play?

You’ll learn the most important rock songs to master, so you can go anywhere  where there’s rock being played, and fit right in!  I’ll also show you how to jam with other players in any key or style! Wherever you are in your journey, you’ll learn exactly what you need to work on to get to YOUR next level in the most efficient way possible.

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